Per gli eroici colleghi afghani

Il comitato per la protezione dei giornalisti afghani (AJSC) mi ha chiesto di realizzare un video per diffondere la prevenzione tra i colleghi afghani, aiutandoli a prender coscienze del virus e a proteggersi. Eccolo.

My name is Nico Piro, I am an Italian special correspondent. I visited Afghanistan many times and I love that country. I live in Italy, so I am presently covering coronavirus epidemic in my country. The Afghan Journalist Safety Committee asked me to make this video in order to spread awareness among my fellow Afghan reporters. I hope it can be helpful.
The following one is an Interview I gave to about covering the present crisi in Italy:

Here are a few trustable resources (in English):
Coronavirus symptoms: What are they and how do I protect myself? (BBC)
Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus (WHO)
Disinfecting Your Facility if Someone is Sick


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